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To inculcate moral values and encouraging the importance of mother tongue Hindi among students, Hindi Doha Recitation was conducted for the Prep students of Delhi Public School Nashik & ‘The Little’ campus. Students recited Dohas of famous poets and writers namely Kabirdas, Tulsidas & few others with great spontaneity and ease. The participants displayed wonderful expression skills while explaining and referring to the context of the Dohas. Students were encouraged and guided on fluency, accuracy, pronunciation. Making learning possible in a happy environment is always a concrete motive of DPS, Nashik.
Our young learners were introduced to LEGO learning which is a great manipulative to work the fingers as children build and even pick up LEGO pieces. Children loved the thrill of building math train, stories and emotions through these pieces. Playing with LEGOs from a young age instills a greater sense of spatial awareness, understanding of sizes, shapes, balance, and building up strong little muscles in their hands that will help them do other skills, such as learn to write.