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Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaturthi is a 10-day-festival celebrated to honour the birth of Ganesha , Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva's son . Ganesha is celebrated as the god of all beginnings and is worshipped at the start of any ritual or ceremony as he is known to ward off evil , remove obstacles and bring prosperity .
swimming developed mussel and motor skill helps improve co ordination water place allows children to explore and interact with each other. The little imparts swimming training activity amongst its students from the very beginning Best play group in nashik
I am a Girl, I am Smart and I am Strong and I can do Anything!! A real woman will not make you choose between her or football.A real woman will make you take her to the game and proceed to be the loudest fan there!!! Happy Women's Day to all the beautiful ladies out there!
Splash Pool Party’ of Dipsites Delhi Public School, Nashik organized a ‘Splash Pool Party’ for the students of Prep. The little ones put their swim suits on and enjoyed the splash activity to beat the heat of the scorching sun. The students jumped and swam in the water. The tiny tots played with the toys, floating balls and enjoyed the fountain. They splashed water at each other. Water play activities in young children strengthen motor skills, builds balance, the ability to propel and navigate thereby sharpening their coordination also. The event was enjoyed by our tiny tots and teachers thoroughly. One can’t have more fun than playing with water on a hot day in a splash pool which was witnessed by the teachers as the children weren’t ready to come out of the pool.
Delhi Public School, Nashik organized a Dandiya and Garba Night on 13th October 2018 with an aim to spread joy and happiness and create a bonhomie amongst the parents, students and teachers, what with festivities in the air. The campus looked like a mini Gujarat, with one and all dressed up in traditional Gujarati attire and dancing to rhythmic Dandiya beats. The celebration started with a prayer and Aarti to Goddess Durga paying her obeisance and seeking her blessings. Everyone got in the mood as they joined in the celebration, tapping to the spectacular music. It was like a huge family getting together to strengthen their bond and enjoying with each other. Prizes were given in different categories like the Best dressed and Best Dancer amongst the students. The event culminated with ‘Ravan Dahan’. Students were amazed to see the fireworks and they imbibed in them the clear underlying message of victory of good over evil. The Garba and Dandiya Celebrations were indeed a great event and the happiness it transpired would go a long way in laying a strong foundation amongst all.
Best kindergarten school in Nashik. The Little As your child grows you will have less and less control on his educational environment. In play school you do. Choose the play school keeping in view benefits to the child rather than future worries.. Our trained and dedicated staff help you child GROW.
Splash Pool Party !!
Students beautifully represented different zone, namely, Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern India and the neighbouring country, Sri Lanka. They came dressed in the traditional and fusion wear of states from different zones. They came forward in pairs and introduced themselves in the respective regional language and shared the culture of the particular region with scenery of the region displayed in the backdrop. They also enjoyed doing a ramp walk with lively regional music. The best dressed child showcasing confidence while speaking and doing the ramp walk in style was awarded from each zone. It was a pleasant and informative activity which helped them to gain confidence and know more about their own country and their neighbour country – Sri Lanka
Pre- Nursery Green Day Celebration at DPS Green is the color of balance and harmony, it is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. Green is the color of nature, fertility and life. It’s the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress. The significance of the color was reiterated as the students and teachers of Pre-Nursery of Delhi Public School, Nashik were dressed in green color. The day started with a vibrant display of green color all around the class. Children were taken to the Pre – primary assembly area for the green day celebration. They brought green food like guava, spinach paratha, sprouts chilla, lady finger etc. Teachers discussed the green theme and children pasted leaves on tree cutout as an activity. Green Day was a practical learning experience for the children and was very enjoyable.